Knee Osteoartritis

What You Need to Know About The Epidemic of Osteoarthritis

Jun 13th, 2016 Chronic Pain, NSAIDs, Osteoarthritis, Treatment News Dr. Silver 3 min read

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis, affecting up to 70 million Americans, and 1 out of 2 people over the age of 50.  Osteoarthritis has fast become the most common cause of disability, and by 2050 will outpace cancer and heart disease combined. Osteoarthritis is usually caused by either wear and tear on the joints or follows several years after an injury…


10 Things you Should Know About NSAIDs

Mar 3rd, 2016 Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Lower Back Pain, Migraines, Neck Pain, NSAIDs, Treatment News Dr. Silver 2 min read

NSAIDs are one of the most commonly used drug classes in the world.  Studies estimate that up to 30% of the US population may use an over the counter NSAID for the treatment of pain.  Despite the enormous publicity surrounding NSAIDs, misconceptions exist regarding the use and potential side effects of these commonly used medications. All NSAIDs have a BLACK BOX WARNING, “NSAIDs may cause…